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Date: 05/07/2019

By: Major Bowen a.k.a. Maj

Subject: Need to re-gain access!

As the result of Microsoft loosing my Address Book. I've lost most of my contacts.
Therefore I need to submit my Email Address:-
vc10s Password TBA
Warm Regards

Date: 29/06/2019

By: Charlie

Subject: Tin Opener

As the old beer tin opener was lost my son made me one and then of course along came the pull ring.
Still have it some where In our regiment it was called the chuch key. One day around the Squadron fire in Soltau I shouted out 'has anyone got one' and a figure behind me said ' I have one'and it turned out to be the Vicar!

Date: 30/06/2019

By: Dick Mather

Subject: Re: Tin Opener

Charlie, the Vicar was obviously catering to all the needs of the unwashed soldiery ........ not just hymns and prayers.....

Date: 04/07/2019

By: robbo

Subject: Re: Tin Opener

Charlie! had a similar problem with a tin of corn beef. the key was missing off of it a rummage in the drawer and the old compo opener saved the day.

Date: 27/06/2019

By: Dick Mather

Subject: Tin opener

Had to open a tin of tuna, which didn't have a pull ring, the other day but, due to the failure of the battery driven opener and the hand held opener, did a root through the drawer to find my compo issue tin opener and lo and behold no problems in getting the lid off ...... I'm sure there are others out there who still find a use for these handy tools of the trade ....

Date: 27/06/2019

By: Neville in Canada

Subject: Re: Tin opener

Hi Dick, yes they are great little gadgets. I have 2, one hanging near the sink in the motor-home & used very regularly when Rving & the other in the utensil drawer in the house kitchen. It's funny how some folks who have never been in the military have great problems in using them. Take care my friend.

Date: 06/07/2019

By: johnT Walker

Subject: Re: Re: Tin opener

I have one permenly in my glove box in the car.The said tin opener & the beer one...You just never know..
Regards to all looking in.
Sending Charlie The photo.

John.Blenheim Troop.1956.

Date: 17/07/2019

By: Codders

Subject: Re: Tin opener

Dick what was that horrible beer we used to get (before ring pull ) you needed an opener all I remember was that troop Cpl geordie (forgot the rest) hollering first thing for a tin opener . His name will come to me possibly in the middle of the night

Date: 24/06/2019

By: johnT Walker

Subject: RTR ( Oxon ) Funeral.

Sadly I report we had last thursday 20th the Funeral Service for former RTR Officer and founder member of The Oxon & District Branch of The RTR Association Bert Dowler.The Service was held in St Marys Church.Banbury ..Banbury being The home of Bert. Pleased to report there was a very good turnout.Col (Rtd) Bruce Duncan MBE and present chairman of The Oxon Branch paraded the Oxon Branch Standard.Dave Larcombe came up from Poole and Paraded The Bournemouth & Poole District Standard.Also paying respects was Col (Rtd ) John Longman and many other former RTR members.I am proud to have known Bert and add I joined his Branch back in 1985..Sadly now down to just a few members.We have two just two Regt Lunches each year .The last one being just last Saturday 15th.I will send Charlie photos of the funeral and The Lunch. to add to the site.Regards to you all...John.

Date: 25/06/2019

By: Dick Mather

Subject: Re: RTR ( Oxon ) Funeral.

John, always a sad time when someone marches off parade for the last time though there are many happy memories left behind to remember them by. Nice to see a good turnout, your report even brings memories back to me as I had John Longman as Squadron Leader at JLR late '70's.

Date: 03/07/2019

By: johnT Walker

Subject: Re: Re: RTR ( Oxon ) Funeral.

Roger that..Sorry only just picked this up.

A Sad day for us all.I ha know Bert since 198/5 and his family.However all good memories.
Regards John.

Date: 22/06/2019

By: Charlie

Subject: Longest Day

Spent the day on the golf course and then spent the rest of it recovering as I was knackered!

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